Becoming a Blogger


Knowing where to begin has always prevented me from writing.  There are so many beginnings and never any endings!  Ultimately, I was designed to write and I’m much too passionate about the things that I’m passionate about, not to share them.  I had abandoned any hope that I’d ever sit down and begin my calling as a writer.  “I’m too busy, too distracted and unable to follow through.”

Over the years, I’ve been identified as both a prophetic voice and a writer, even being likened to a “prophetic scribe”.  While that title seems a bit puffed up to me, I can’t deny that the calling is “like fire shut up in my bones”, and often comes out in the wrong situations.  Looking back, I can recall countless incidences where I’ve pursued “passionate” conversation with people that was not meant for the platform in which I proceeded to initiate.  Faced with much rejection and opposition from my intense “anti-establishment” nature and quest for absolute truth, I became bitter at the church and disappointed in people’s lack of concern for challenging things in our church culture that didn’t line up with scripture.  I decided that the “church culture” didn’t want truth, they wanted their traditions, much like the Pharisees.  “Tradition, tradition, tradition…” Fiddler on the Roof

Over time, I regained my compassion and love for the church.  My love for the lost was not in question, but my distaste for the church had caused me to retreat and distance myself from other believers.  I couldn’t balance my counter-culture understanding with what I had deemed as ignorance in the church culture.  It was certainly not God’s plan for me to become bitter and disappointed, but I learned a lot about him during that time and I “resurfaced” with a new love and desire to plant seeds of truth, trusting that God, through his spirit, is faithful and able to call people to truth.  People’s understanding was God’s business.  I was simply commissioned to deliver the message.

Having frequently put my thoughts into random FaceBook posts throughout the years, God finally showed me a ministry in blogging.  The freedom to post thoughts and revelations as God gives them to me allows me the freedom to put forth something that is not scripted or planned by my own thoughts, removing the natural desire to try and create an emotional reaction in the reader.  Just let the word be the word!

I hope to plant seeds that will inspire my readers to dig deeper into God’s word and see it from the perspective it was intended to be perceived, through the eyes and ears of the Spirit, and those it was written to for understanding.

God is not who we want him to be, he is whom he’s always been, the same yesterday, today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)  His word does not change with the times or the culture and placing God (Yahweh) into our cultural perspective creates dangerous rabbit trails from the truth.  There is no new revelation, only new understanding, but don’t be tricked into thinking that we have some new understanding that is above or beyond the first century church and apostles.  They didn’t read the New Testament, they read the Torah and found Christ, the Messiah, in it.  The New Testament had not been written until up to 200 years after Christ.  This is the perspective in which I view God’s unchanging nature!  The New Testament does not offer us a new God, it offers us his complete nature, a “renewed” covenant that includes all who chose to follow the Messiah, not just the Jews.  I happen to be both!

I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to stir up the Barean in you.  Be open to learning things that may be different from your “Old Time Religion” or even your New, Reformed Charismatic understanding.   I assure you that you won’t lose anything by digging in and changing your perspective. The spirit in us confirms the word  and gives us the ability to experience God’s presence without having to “conjure” him up, which is becoming common in worship.

Sit back and enjoy this journey with me.  Please, don’t be offended, be proactive and communicate.  I look forward to your feedback on this journey of truth. I hope you’ll walk with me!


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